Friday, 24 May 2013

NIGERIA: Muslim Militants Target Christians in Borno State

Photo: Rev. Faye Pama
After receiving death threats from Muslim militants recently, many
Christians fled Borno state, including the areas of Maiduguri, Bama,
Konduga, Monguno, Damboa, Auno, Baga and Benishek. Many
believers who refused to leave were killed.

On April 16, militants stopped traffic near the village of Dalwa and
separated Christians from Muslims. They demanded that the
Christians recite the Shahada (Muslim confession of faith) or be killed.
The militants killed about 29 Christians who refused to renounce Christ or recite the Shahada.

Three days later in Monguno, unidentified men beat Christians and
ransacked their property. And two weeks later in Bama, militants
burned buildings and houses, killing many civilians, including

On May 14, Rev. Faye Pama, Secretary of the Christian Association of
Nigeria (CAN) Borno State and Assistant Secretary of the CAN
Northeast Zone, was murdered by Boko Haram militants.

VOM Sources

Please Pray!

Pray that God will intercede on behalf of believers in Nigeria, and bring an end to this senseless violence and killing. Pray that President Goodluck Jonathan will seek God's wisdom in dealing with the Muslim militant group Boko Haram.

"This You have seen, O LORD; do not keep silence. O Lord, do not be far from me. Stir up Yourself, and awake to my vindication, to my cause, my God and my Lord. Vindicate me, O LORD my God, according to Your righteousness; and let them not rejoice over me. Let them not say in their hearts, "Ah, so we would have it!" Let them not say, "We have swallowed him up." Ps. 35:22-25

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