Saturday, 27 April 2013

Gospel for unreached in Yerram Setty Palem

Please pray for my friend & brother in Christ, Pastor Jachin Charley Scott & his Jesus Gospel Ministry as they preach the Gospel through the villages in India. Praise the Lord for the work He is doing through them! \o/

Published on 26 Apr 2013
"In the month of March we reached the unreached Hindu people in the village called Yerram Setty Palem. The people of this village are does not know Jesus Christ. They never heard about Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because they are living very far away from the city. There is no proper road facility to this village. In this village there are so many people are living. Mostly they are all doing work in fields and cattle. We found In this village there is no church. They are worshipping the Idols and sacrasfing the goats and hens to the idols. We told them to stop sacrificing the animals and birds to the idols. We gave them Gospel Tracts, and small Christian books and New Testament Bibles. Some of the hindu people in this village heard the word of God and happily accepted Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior. They are all happily invited us to start a small Prayer group in Sunday. Sister Sarada one of the hindu women who are newly accepted Jesus give her house for church on every Sunday. Pastor Mohan Rao is taking care for this Yerram Setty Palem village church. All the Glory to God All Praises to God. Like this there are so many unreached rural villages living in darkness and in idolatry does not having a church and never heard the name of Jesus Christ and never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ in India. Our Jesus Gospel Ministry found these villages and telling them about Jesus Christ and Starting small prayer fellowship Churches. Until now we started 5 churches in the rural villages neared to Narsapur city. Please Pray for our Jesus Gospel ministry to reach many more unreached rural villages with Gospel of Jesus Christ in Andhra Pradesh. We are encouraging you to become a Prayer partner in this God's work."

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