Saturday, 28 November 2015

God, I Love You So [Ariel's Song] by Freddy Hayler

I made this video to help give hope to myself & others, who may be feeling overwhelmed by the events happening around the world. I hope you find this a blessing!

The song is "God, I Love You So [Ariel's Song]" by Freddy Hayler, from his album "Song of Angels I, Experiencing The Atmosphere of Heaven".

A very special "Thank You!" to Freddy Hayler for giving me permission to use his beautiful music!

Please purchase your own copy of this song from Freddy Hayler's website at & support Christian artists.

#GodILoveYouSo #PebblesForChrist #JesusChrist #FreddyHayler #SongofAngels #ArielsSong

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