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Date of Alert: 28 March 2014

In early 2012, 29-year-old Umid Gojayev of Turkmenistan had an argument with four neighbors over access  to a well where they live in Dashoguz. In the scuffle, Umid defended himself and hit one of the men on the head with a brick, causing injury. The man filed a complaint against Umid with local police.

Several days later, he and his family reconciled with the man he injured and paid for his hospital expenses. They agreed to withdraw their complaint. However, when police learned that Umid was a Christian, they insisted on bringing the case to court, though the victim refused to press charges.

Umid was sentenced to four years in prison on charges of hooliganism. None of the other men involved in the melee were prosecuted. According to Forum 18, one of the investigators told Umid's relative that because he is a believer, the court will not forgive him.

After nearly two years in prison, there have been four general amnesties in which prisoners charged under the same law as Umid have been released, but Umid remains in prison. According to Forum 18, "Umid was told in the labor camp he is not being included in the amnesties because he reads the Bible."

As a result of his imprisonment, Umid's wife, Malahat, was forced to leave her job and care for their three young children. They are struggling to make ends meet without their primary breadwinner.

Please pray for Umid, Malahat and their three young children.

Should you wish to write to Umid Gojayev, please visit Prisoner Alert (A Ministry of Voice of the Martyrs) for assistance in doing so. Please observe their caution below:

"Please note
When writing a letter, never mention the name of the source of your information or the name of any organization such as Voice of the Martyrs or Prisoner Alert. It is not dangerous for a prisoner to receive letters from individuals, but if an organization is mentioned they may be accused of links with 'foreign organizations' and receive harsher sentences. Also, please do not state anything negative about their government. For the latest information, including letter writing tools and helps, please visit"

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