Friday, 3 January 2014

Colombia: In Search of a New Home (The Persecution of Paez Christians)

 Please pray for Christians in Colombia.
 "When you see the joy of the indigenous Paez Christians from the Nasa tribe in southern Colombia, it's hard to imagine all that they have had to endure because of their faith in Jesus Christ. These evangelical believers were driven from their land because of their conviction to follow the teachings of God rather than engaging in practices that go against His Word. Many have paid a huge price for remaining faithful to the Lord. You'll be inspired by the devotion and perseverance of these followers of Christ and, at the same time, encouraged to hear how Christians in other parts of the world are helping them during their time of need."

From The Voice of the Martyrs Canada
Published on 31 Dec 2013

Link to video on YouTube:

Update: 13 January 2014

Below is a link to an article at Mission Network News entitled, "Columbia's Persecuted Church Finally Finds Rest":

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