Saturday, 22 December 2012

Human Shields in Homs - Please Pray

Below is an exert of a letter from Dr Patrick Sookhdeo of Barnabas Fund.

A human shield in Homs

Let me tell you about one incident, which has not been reported internationally. It concerns Homs, and in particular the Christian neighbourhood of Hamadiya in the old city. A large proportion of the 60,000 Christians of Homs used to live there before the crisis, but almost all have fled. Rebel forces now occupy their homes. However, 86 Christians were kept in Hamadiya as a human shield. I have a list of their names. Church leaders told me that the rebels are holding the hostages to deter the government from attacking Hamadiya with full force. Without food supplies, apart from what they had in their homes months ago, without any medical care at all, several of the 86 Christians have already died during their captivity. The church leaders estimated last week that there are around 80 still alive. 
At one point the Red Crescent managed to get a little aid in for the Hamadiya Christians, but had to retreat again hastily. The Syrian government has assured church leaders it is willing to help get the Christians out. The Free Syrian Army has also told church leaders they would allow the Christians to leave Hamadiya. But the Salafi, al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist elements of the rebel forces refuse. And so the Christians remain, month after month, dying one by one.

Message from Dr Patrick Sookhdeo: The Tragedy of Christians in Syria (Click for full message)

Christians in Syria receiving food packages from Barnabas Fund.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria.

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